Eagala Equine-Assisted Therapy


Vanora is accredited with the Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association (Eagala), which incorporates horses within therapy for experiential personal growth, learning and skills development.

At Vanora, we practice the Client-Centered and Solution-Orientated part of the Eagala Model. This allows for an individualised approach to the client’s needs and their personal development. 
We endeavour to create a non-judgemental experiential environment for exploration and

Sessions are ground-based interactions and activities (no horse riding takes place and no previous experience with horses nesseciry), where the horses co-facilitate the therapeutic process. Eagala Equine-Assisted Therapy and Equine-Assisted Learning are most effective as the process is both in the ‘doing’ and the ‘talking’. 
Being with the horses allows for experiential, hands on learning and being in the moment.

"Humans have long recognised the unique power of horses’ intuition and have been studying it for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the last century that they began developing theories about equine-assisted therapies. Many people respond well to traditional talk therapy, but some (veterans, trauma survivors, vulnerable children and teens, and more) — gain insight by doing along with talking. Add to that the unique intuitive power of horses providing non-judgmental feedback, and clients report healing can happen much quicker with equine-assisted therapy than with traditional therapeutic modalities"  
(Eagala.org, 2018).