Sybill Ritter- Equine Specialist

At a young age, Sybill grew up around horses and learnt that it was ok to take her thoughts and worries to them, that they would listen and not judge. Being with horses provided comfort and a space to feel safe and at peace with the world around her. 
Throughout her teenager years, the horses became a significant of Sybill's identity- she was a pony girl. Sybill did years of Pony Club, showing and eventing with her horses.

In 2015, Sybill graduated with a Bachelor of Social Services, Specialising in Counselling. During the training, Sybill gained experience with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds. Since then, she has become Eagala certified and worked in the United States and United Kingdom applying the Eagala Model within Equine-Assisted Therapy. Sybill is eager to bring back her new found experiences to New Zealand and provide an opportunity to partner with horses to help people. 



Esther Ritter- Mental Health Professional

Esther is a qualified counsellor who has her own practice www.hellocounselling.nz . She has a Bachelor of Social Services, Specialising in Counselling. Esther is ACC approved, a member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (NZAC), Aotearoa New Zealand Transactional Analysis Association (ANZTAA) and the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). Esther has experience in a variety of counselling therapy methods including Transactional Analysis, Person Centred Counselling, Solution Orientated and Imago Relationship Therapy.

 In addition to Esther’s professional training and experience, she is passionate and committed to living holistically and as authentically as she can. Having a regular meditation and yoga practice helps to be at ease with who she is. Esther continues to study Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies and teachings.

Esther has worked as a counsellor, a mediator and group facilitator at Relationship Services/ Relationships Aotearoa and the Stopping Violence Program. She has also worked with youth and family at Mirror Counselling Services before starting her own private practice overseas and now in New Zealand. Esther also has a Honours Degree in Visual Art and am a Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance) and long-term meditation practitioner. 


The Horses

There are five horses in the Vanora herd. They bring with them curiosity, authenticity and honesty, and provide the space for people to gain new insight into their life and the world around them.

"If you let me into your inner world, I will show you and through this change is possible".