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Personal Development and Self-Exploration For Men and Women

Hosted by Esther, Sybill and the horses at Vanora

PLEASE RSVP: or Sybill 0272595988

Self- awareness and awareness within the herd

Please dress for the weather. As we are approaching the colder/ wetter months, waterproof footwear or gumboots would be ideal. Bring your own water bottle, journal or whatever you may need to make this experience enjoyable for you. The sessions will go ahead regardless of weather, (unless there is a weather warning). We have a covered area for if it rains.

The intention of this group is personal development and self-exploration. We would like to invite you to come and create a space, to take time out from our everyday lives. A space, to tell our story or share whatever is on our mind. Take time to reflect and form new intentions. A time to gain clarity or simply allowing ourselves to be in a space of ‘being’.

One of the aspects of personal development, is to gain an understanding of ourselves. This group is an opportunity to notice and explore the inner and external messages that tell us about ourselves and others around us. People are always communicating. Everything you think, feel, do and say sends out a message. Horses help people become aware of how they communicate on every level – verbally, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Horses can give accurate and unbiased feedback, mirroring both the physical and emotional states of the participants during the session, providing people with an opportunity to raise their awareness and to practice congruence between their feelings and behaviours. Horses, as well as humans, are social creatures and with that comes a hierarchy, different dynamics and roles within the herd. This may provide opportunity for potential processes to occur for example the ‘bossy one’ in the herd might remind us of our mother, boss or neighbor? It might remind us of conflict, of times where we felt not good enough, or alone.  The horse’s behaviour and herd dynamics allows the client’s metaphors to be played out and to then be in a space for the opportunity to change that script, the story, to find new insights and life skills.

We ask that the participants will be respectful of the stories/experiences that are shared within the group, what is shared in the group stays in the group. On the day, we will discuss emotional and physical safety.

Koha $30-$50, this helps to support the Eagala work we do at Vanora. Please bring cash. Limit of eight people per a group.

At Vanora, Our team consists of qualified professionals with years of mental health and equine experience. We are accredited with the Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association (Eagala), which incorporates horses within therapy for experiential personal growth, learning and skills development.

The sessions are ground-based interactions and activities (no horse riding takes place), where the horses co-facilitate the therapeutic process.  Equine-Assisted Learning is most effective as the process is both in the ‘doing’ and the ‘talking’. Being with the horses allows for experiential, hands on learning and being in the moment.

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